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Technische Universität Berlin - TU Berlin

Robots, intelligence, decision-making: Two scientists talk about their day and show us their labs (event in English)

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/28.4.2022 · 10:00 – 13:00 Uhr
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What is it like to be a woman in science? What does a scientist do all day? Can you have a science career and free time, or are scientists locked in their labs all day?

Is science creative?In this fun in-person event, cognitive psychologist Jinan Allan and data scientist Marah Halawa from the Excellence Cluster Science of Intelligence will give students a brief introduction on life as a scientist and their science journey thus far, also discussing their possible futures as well as challenges, ambitions, and successes. The talk will be followed by visits to the Science of Intelligence labs, which include friendly robots that display emotions, mini-robots that move together, devices to track eye movements, toy trains to study motion, and motion suits.

Science of Intelligence is a Cluster of Excellence of Berlin’s Technische Universität. Here, scientists from different disciplines including robotics, psychology, neurology and zoology research intelligence in all its facets, trying to understand intelligent behavior in animals and humans in order to reproduce it in robots. 

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